Week in Review 11/1/13 Don't forget about your clocks

We normally have to start each video with a statement like, “Wow, it’s been another crazy week!” But this week that’s most definitely not the case. Rates have remained basically unchanged.

Rates have been this way simply because of the unknown. The Federal Reserve has said that they are going to pull back the asset purchasing program, but they keep delaying it. So no one knows exactly what to expect, and as a result, things are calm. Everyone knows that eventually the Federal Reserve will implement their pullback initiative, and as market data begins to indicate that the pullback is likely to happen, rates will again begin to adjust upward.

For now, rates are at their 4 month lows. The markets have again made their shift and interest rates and the housing market are now set so that it is easier to be a home buyer.

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Week in Review 11/1/13 - Don't Forget About Your Clock