• "Recently my husband and I completed construction of our dream retirement beach house.  Acquiring a construction loan at a time when lending institutions were less than accommodating for home loans, we faced several challenges.  When the time came to convert from a construction loan to permanent financing we were very fearful.  Fortunately for us my nephew and owner of Creekside Mortgage, Kerry Greenwald, was there to guide us through the process.   We assumed since it was a new build we would be financing the same as a new purchase and the best interest rate would be with a conventional loan.  We were wrong on both counts.  It was considered a re-finance and a VA loan was definitely the way to go even with over 30% equity.  We saved three quarter of a percent on the interest and the loan is assumable adding a value to our property we hadn't expected!  Kerry, Kim, Pam and the rest of the team at Creekside kept our file on track and the entire process was painless.  We closed on time and now we can relax and enjoy our new home.  Kerry is family, but he is also a professional that has built an amazing company and team to support his clients.

    Judy and Murv Schneider"

    Judy and Murv Schneider - Army  Posted 4/29/13



  • "I wish words would accurately express our gratitude to Kerry, Pam, Elisa, Chelsey and the rest of the Creekside team. We originally chose to use our local bank to get our mortgage and with two weeks before closing our bank dropped the ball. I contacted Kerry and his team and asked the impossible; "Get me a mortgage and close inside of two weeks". Without missing a step Kerry and his team got together, and ran full speed at the problem. That was on March 2nd, 2013. At 1:30 today on March 19th, 2013 we signed our closing documents on our new home in Camas Washington. For the first time in a very long time I found something that has been missing from the business world, and I found it with Creekside Mortgage; Its not just about Money, Its about people! They refused to take "no" for and answer from anybody and used all their abilities and assets and did what know one thought was possible. You guys took a dream and made it a reality! David and Danielle Novick. Camas Washington."

    David N  Posted 5/2/13 



  • "I would be happy to recommend Creekside Mortgage to anyone, they stayed on top of the whole process and we had a long one due to swoitching from building a home to buying a pre-built model home.  The staff was friendly, and if not available when you called they got right back to us,  Thanks Creekside you guys work great as a team, you can tell your prior military experiance has carried over to your civilian occupation.  Great Job"

    Bill A - Marine  Posted 5/5/13



  • "Kerry & Elisa were awesome to work with & we would recommend Creekside Mortgage, specifically Kerry & Elisa to anyone wanting to purchase a home.

    Peggi F. - Air Force & Army  Posted 5/10/13



  • "I had an absolute fantastic experience with Creekside.  I was so impressed with their knowledge and friendliness and all around amazing business!  From the first time I called to the multiple times I checked in--I was always treated with respect and kindness.  They were so patient with me and never made me feel like i was bugging them or asking too many questions.  Being a Veteran--I appreciate their all Veteran team and they definitely know all the answers when it comes to VA Mortgages.  Their follow up and follow through was always spot on and I could not have experienced a better home buying experience.  Elisa, Chelsey, Kerry--and everyone I spoke or worked with were outstanding!  I have already recommended Creekside to a couple of people and will continue to recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for an honest and knowledgeable mortgage team!"

    Merry C. - Air Force  Posted 5/14/13



  • "I wanted to take a moment to share about the fantastic experience I had working with Creekside! After getting the run around from another company and getting offered a loan set up for me to lose our home.. I came across Creekside! What an amazing group of talented, honest, friendly people! Meeting with Kerry and Elisa the first time I knew I was in great hands. ;)
    They were on top of it.. It was so nice to be able to call or come in and have them know who you are and what your loan situation was. No fumbling through paperwork or being transfered from person to person.;)
    I am so blessed to have been able to have an elite team to work with.. From Teri answering the phones and welcoming you always with a smile, Elisa always going through everything with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is covered and taken care of in a prompt and low maintenance way, Kerry for pushing through the hurdles to make sure our loan was done in a timely manner, to Chelsey and Ashleigh always being very friendly and helpful. 

    Thank you Creekside for helping us through a really stressful time in life. You made our experience with you amazing and we love you for that! Thank you for being a real asset to our community!

    I will recommend you guys to anybody that is looking to get a VA loan!! Special thanks to Kerry, Elisa, Teri, Chelsey and Ashleigh!! You are top notch!!
    Thank you!!!!;)

    Very pleased client,
    Selena Wilkinson"

    Selena W. - Navy  Posted 5/16/13



  • "I am a home owner again and Creekside Mortgage helped me along with this process. The people at Creedside Mortage were very helpful and made the whole experience so much easier. I called two other mortage brokers and felt as though I was just another customer. These brokers simply wanted to take a number and gave me the impression, "we'll get to you when we get to you." However, from my very first call to Creekside, I was greeted as though I was their only customer. Use Creekside and you will not only receive great service, you will end up having a friend working on your behalf. 

    My note to Creekside: My wife and I absolutely appreciate your time and effort and we want thank you for the excellent service we received. I know this is your business but one thing that unquestionably comes across is that you care about your work.

    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and explain the reasons behind some of the banks questions. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent working on our behalf. 

    I will recommend Creekside Mortgage to everyone I know."

    Tom N. - Air Force  Posted 6/17/13 



  • We closed a VA loan 7 business days after initial contact with Kerry and Elisa at Creekside Mortgage, Inc.

    When our previous broker found they could not underwrite us due to a CAIVRs report,  5 days before closing, we searched the Portland area for a broker who had capabilities in their lender network to underwrite to VA standards without a CAIVRs overlay. Elisa and Kerry came through in record time.

    Highly recommended for fast VA loans!

    Jonathan G - Marine  Posted 5/28/13