Longview Washington

Located in the beautiful Cowlitz County, Longview is the ideal location for city lovers to live in, conveniently located between Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon.  Being the largest city in the county, along with having a population of nearly 35,000 Washingtonians, there are many wondrous things to do ranging from indoor attractions to outdoor activities.  Because of this, we have been honored to serve the respected residents of Longview in regards to VA benefits.

Here at Creekside Mortgage, we have experts that will guide you through the loan process to help you get the most of your VA home loan. We also specialize in VA Streamlines (IRRRL) and VA Cashout Refinances.

Our knowledgeable VA loan specialists are happy to serve you here in Longview, WA. Our network of banks and realtors are highly capable of helping Veterans and military families get through the lending process and into a home. 

If you want someone that really knows how to get your mortgage taken care of as painlessly as possible, then you should call the experts at 360.445.1038. Creekside Mortgage, Inc, proudly serving Veterans and military families in Longview.

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If you love both Seattle and Portland along with having a passion for travel and outdoor activities, then Longview is your spot. But if you are just planting somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, we can still serve you! We serve all the major cities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington; and all the little cities there too!

There are more things to do in Longview that we can word in a short description.  So visit Longview today and check out http://www.mylongview.com/index.aspx?page=1 for more amazing attractions!