Here in the great City of Roses, we love the views, food, and entertainment. We’re well aware of the slogan “keep Portland weird”. With Portland’s nearly 600,000 residents, we may seem small, but we have great accomplishments. We are the go-to VA loan experts in the area. Our specialty is in getting you VA backed home loans and refinances. If you’re looking to use your military benefits to get you a VA mortgage, give us a call. Using your VA benefits is one of the best ways to get an amazing deal on your home loan. We also specialize in VA Refinances (VA Streamline IRRRL) and VA Cashout Refinances.  

We know how important it is to find a local VA specialist, that’s why we’re happy to serve you in Oregon. We have a network of experts including an excellent realtor who knows how to help US Veterans and military families in Portland, OR. So if you’re looking for help from a team of United States Veterans serving you in Portland Oregon, look no farther. Let the team at Creekside Mortgage, Inc guide you through the process to new home ownership. 

Update 9/20/13: The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that they would continue to buy bonds at a rate of $85 billion a month. Their goal is to counteract the spike in interest rates that happened when they announced they would start evaluating when a pullback should happen. As a result of this most recent announcement, the rates have improved each day since then. This makes it a great opportunity for military families and Veterans in Portland to get a new home. Mortgages are more affordable now then they have been for several weeks. If you’re looking for local mortgage experts to serve you in Portland, OR, just give us a call or fill out our quick application.