Olympia Washington is home to one of the most beatiful areas in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State is proud to have Olympia as it’s capital, and we’re proud to serve our fellow United State Veterans and their military families. At Creekside Mortgage, Inc we are the Northwest number VA home loan experts, and that’s because of to main things. We are dedicated to Veterans because we are Veterans ourselves. The second is our dedication to getting military families the homes they deserve. 

Let our passion for the mortgage industry guide you through the process of the VA loan program. Our experience makes getting a loan that much easier. We have a proven process that not only helps our customers get housing more often than most other companies, but it also does it much faster than other companies and loan types. 

While we focus primarily on VA loans, we have the ability to help you with other loan types as well. We can do conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, and almost all other home loan programs. And the best part is that it all happens for you right in Olympia! Let us help make Olympia WA home!