There are many ways for an individual or a group to give back to their community.  Ranging from volunteering to donations, the opportunities available for giving back are vast.  But what if I told you about a company that not only gave back to the community, but also felt a tsunami of pride while doing so? 

 After surveying many people regarding which holiday they favor the most, many of the same answers were received.  For obvious reasons, seasonal holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Easter hold a heavy toll in regards to holiday favoritism due to the traditions of giving and celebration.  In addition, we hold close to our hearts the patriotic holidays of Independence and equality. 

However, there is one holiday that generates the most pride.  There is one holiday that grows and grows in appreciation with every year.  There is one holiday that everyone, both young and old, can completely embody.  There is one holiday that commemorates a select group of individuals who gave everything up for the protection of strangers.  One holiday that signifies the importance of unity and comradery through many generations.  One holiday that honors both the living and the fallen.  One holiday to reflect on the sacrifices our brothers and sisters in patriotism underwent.  One holiday to acknowledge our Veterans!

As a company priding themselves on the motto “Veterans helping Veterans,” there is a lot of pride that we hold on Veterans Day!  Having at least one employee served in each war starting from Vietnam and stretching to the current war in Afghanistan, we at Creekside Mortgage firmly believe that this day is the day we can be the most proud of.

Mike Frakes, a retired veteran of the U.S. Navy who also served with the Marines, stated, “Through all the holidays that we celebrate in modern society, Veterans Day is the only holiday that I truly am proud of, and will forever hold deep in my heart.”

Because Mike, our other veteran employees, and any other veteran who fought hard to defend their country feel this kind of vanity on this day, Creekside Mortgage took control and truly gave back!

On November 8th, 2014, Creekside Mortgage sponsored the Veteran Day Parade celebrated at Fort Vancouver.  “It was truly amazing to see the joy in the thousands of veterans and participants of the parade on that special day,” said Teri Lane.  While Creekside’s very own Floyd Greenwald serving as the keynote speaker, and the Creekside team mobbing throughout the streets passing out U.S. flags, Creekside Mortgage definitely made an impression.

We at Creekside are forever thankful for all the veterans who served their country, and loved giving back to our fellow brothers and sisters at arms!


Through every daily experience, through every struggle or hardship, through every success story in a person’s life, it is easy to say that each individual has a different view on how things should be ran.  For example, rules and regulations that positively effect a certain segment of people can potentially have the exact opposite effect on others.  In every circumstance or decision that must be made, there is always going to be a winning side and a losing side.


In the 2014 election held in the United States, an approximated 44% of registered voters participated in their right to vote.  In other words, less than half of the registered population cares about what happens to their government, or cares about who represents their state.  This unattractive statistic is something we must focus on increasing.  Yes, the percentages typically take a 10-15% increase in presidential elections, but why is America not caring about the little things that can affect them heavily? 

The right to vote is something that has been achieved through centuries of tribulation and war.  George Washington had a vision of decolonization, allowing the United States to become a country that is independent.  He believed that every country should have the right to govern themselves, meaning having a government regulated by the people.  Abraham Lincoln took it to the next level, fighting to give absolutely everyone a say in what happens to their government.  Today, people of all races, and all genders now share the inevitable right of freedom, and can express their thoughts and wants through a simple ballot.


It is disrespectful to those who suffered to give us these rights to not express them.  The freedoms that we have as American citizens are freedoms that we all need to value.  There are many countries throughout the world who have zero say in what happens in their respective government.  From Communism to Activism, most people around the world DO NOT have the option to express their thoughts and opinions on what can or cannot be allowed in their country. 

There is no greater way to express your opinion by going out and voting.  If you vote, you will have the luxury of knowing that you had an impact on the government, whether your selection was passed or not.  If you do not vote, then do not complain about what happens to the government as a result, being that you left your rights in your bed before you woke up this morning! 

Having the right to vote is something we need to value more, which is apparent with the election statistics.  Americans just need to remember this basic statement: “The louder you speak, the more likely your voices will be heard!”