Robin Conrad, serving as a VA real estate agent in Vancouver, WA, and greater  Clark County since 1992, has left us for the next 18 months, going to aid the war effort in Iraq. He originally joined the 104th and was activated. He needed only a few more years to get his retirement.  Robin was not upset about being activated; he looked at it as an opportunity to serve his country. From my standpoint, it is a noble cause and I congratulate him for that commitment. I will continue to follow Robin's time over in Iraq in following blogs on Vancouver VA Loan Specialist.

We have had an increasing number of clients moving to Longview and buying homes with VA loans. Longview is a great place to live, especially if you're coming from Oregon. Property taxes are much lower than in Oregon, and if you are receiving any retirement income from the state of Oregon, that income is not taxable once you move to Washington. Longview also has great schools.

In the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of veterans moving to Longview, using their VA benefits to purchase a home, as VA is still the only loan type out there that allows you to get into a home with $0 money down.

While Robin Conrad is gone serving the country, Ron Hambright, also from Century 21 Realty, will take over all of Robin's clients while he  is out of the country. Ron has been in real estate since April 2005. He is a former military service member in the Army Special Forces. He served in both the 6th and 8th Special Forces Groups from 1968 to 1971.

Ron loves working with all types of people and helping them find the home of their dreams. The last five years, when he switched to real estate, he claims, have been the best and most enjoyable of his entire working career. He has met great people and made awesome friends.

Ron is experienced with the VA loan product. Every one of our clients have loved working with Ron. We count ourselves lucky to partner with such a great Veteran.