We just released this month’s newsletter! We know it’s later than usual, but it’s because we wanted to be able to include the announcement of our new website and video series.  

You are very important to us. That’s why we’ve allocated so many of our resources to a new tool for you.


We're thrilled to announce our brand new website, loaded with tools and resources to help you prepare to finance your current or new home!

We’ve talked about it before and you’ve noticed it - housing prices have gone up. In some of the most dramatic circumstances, places in Florida and Nevada saw a 20% increase in home values.

Fortunately the rapid increase in home prices has leveled off. Most analysts predict that home values will continue to increase, but at a much slower rate.

When it comes to buying homes, there are three groups to pay attention to.

The largest group of purchasers is existing homeowners who are “moving-up”, “moving-down”, or “moving-over”. They bought 44.6 percent of homes in June, up from 43.8 percent in May.


Interest Rate Performance

This week has been a good week for interest rates. They have mostly stabilized, which is a good thing since the past two months have brought a fairly dramatic upward spike.  


Interest Rate Future

Every year the Southwest Washington Region - American Red Cross produces a book of helpful resources for military families. One of our favorite parts of the book is the section that lists various discounts at stores and for services.

What comes to mind when you think of the word “negotiate”? There are lots possible reactions to this word. Many people get nervous, other people feel a sense of pride in their ability to crush the competition.

The market has been going crazy lately. Just yesterday the stock market closed at a record high. But if you look at a graph of how it has been closing over the past year, it looks like a mountain range.

FHA is a really good program, especially for first time home buyers. The program is designed to help people transition from being a renter to being a homeowner by requiring as little as 3.5 percent down and by allowing most of your closing costs and fees to be wrapped into the loan.