Buying a home is one of the most exciting and nerveracking decisions most people will make in their lifetime. It is also likely to be the single largest purchase most people will ever make.

Isn’t it nice to have dedicated holidays to help us remember the things that are important to us? I know we should always be grateful, especially for the men and women who sacrificed so much for us, but life gets overwhelmingly busy. I’m grateful we have days like today, Veterans Day 2013, to help refocus our thoughts and build unity as a nation.

This year our own Mike Frakes represented Creekside Mortgage, Inc at the 2013 Symbol of Freedom benefiting CDM Long-Term Care services.

Veteran’s Day is just around the corner and if you were wondering what to do this weekend we have compiled a short list of free eats and treats, shopping and entertainment.

The National Association of Realtors puts out an annual report on the current home buying environment. If you’re a numbers person like me, this report is priceless. But, I’m probably correct in assuming that the majority of you are not so intrigued by the numbers, and so I have opted to put together an infographic that will help share that data in an easy to digest manner.

On Friday, November first, Creekside Mortgage, Inc attended the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center’s Black Tie dinner and auction. Proceeds from the event will go towards assisting veterans as they make the transition from military to civilian life.

Creekside Mortgage, Inc would like to extend a happy and heartfelt congratulation to Michael “Mike” Frakes for winning this year’s mandatory potluck and costume contest! Mike took best in show as the club wielding Neolithic loan specialist. Way to go Mike!  Hurry in for that Stone Age rate, if you have found that special cave with a double mastodon garage and tar pit.

    Join Creekside Mortgage, Inc as we honor our veterans on Saturday November 9th at 11am. As a sponsor, we will be celebrating 27 years of the Lough Lagacy Veterans Parade at Fort Vancouver.  The parade will begin with an Air Force fly over and a twenty-one gun salute from Howitzers. That’s just the beginning too!

The market has made a big turn since the crash that started back in 2007. In fact, home sales have recovered nearly half what they had lost. Over the past few months, the home market has largely been in favor of sellers, but is it starting to change?

We have all heard of the stock market and watched during the news as reporters give a brief synopsis of the current state of the economy. However, this does not always reflect the situation for home buyers or home owners.  What many are not accustomed to hearing about is the Bond market and why prospective home buyers or home owners looking to refinance should pay particular attention to the Bond Market.