Getting a mortgage can take time and you need to make sure you take certain things into consideration when preparing to buy a home.  There are things that could potentially hurt your chances of owning a home and we have compiled a list for you so you see what those things are.

There are many ways for an individual or a group to give back to their community.  Ranging from volunteering to donations, the opportunities available for giving back are vast.  But what if I told you about a company that not only gave back to the community, but also felt a tsunami of pride while doing so? 

Through every daily experience, through every struggle or hardship, through every success story in a person’s life, it is easy to say that each individual has a different view on how things should be ran.  For example, rules and regulations that positively effect a certain segment of people can potentially have the exact opposite effect on others.  In every circumstance or decision that must be made, there is always going to be a winning side

We did it Pacific Northwest!  For Halloween, children and adults enjoy common festivities including dressing up, office parties, and of course, trick or treating.  This is the only time of year when people can become the professionals they idolize, or the characters that heavily influence them, or a profession that they aspire to be, or just anything that is NOT THEM!  From elementary school to colleges to retirement homes, everyone celebrates

In January, 2014, Theodore and Jessica were looking to purchase a house to raise their two year old son.  They were tired of living in a small apartment, having aspirations to live in the perfect neighborhood.  Being a sports enthusiast, Theodore was looking for a house near a park so he can teach his boy how to play catch.  Jessica, a stay at home mom, was looking for a house located in a relatively small town, with stores walking distance aw

When purchasing a home, there a lot of decisions that buyers are constantly plagued with.  They would have to consider what type of loan they would want, figure out how much they qualify for, and figure out what broker and realtor to use.  However, if there is one group that benefits the most from buying homes, it is veterans.  

Jeff and Barbra met each other in the air force, serving together for years in the state of Oregon.  After falling in love and getting married, they decided on purchasing their first home!  However, being very uneducated about real estate, mortgage, or buying homes in general, they decided to go to a real estate agent!  This real estate agent showed them a gorgeous selection of homes in the North Portland area.  Luckily, a four bedroom house w

In an interview with The Real Estate books in the fall of 2012, Kerry Greenwald was asked this question, “What do you see happening in Clark County in the next five years?”

When it comes to purchasing home loans, the main question that many people have before initiating the process is, “How is my credit?”  Before mortgaging a loan, lenders need to be assured that they will receive an adequate return from their investment before financing a home.

When taking a look into your future, there are three main things that you and most other people imagine having in their lives: a family, a career, and a home.  While having a family and career is somewhat unpredictable, deciding where, when, and how to find a home is a challenge that everyone faces.  However, once this challenge is accepted, the big question that pops into the minds of these potential homeowners is, “To Buy? Or to Rent?”