When purchasing a home, there a lot of decisions that buyers are constantly plagued with.  They would have to consider what type of loan they would want, figure out how much they qualify for, and figure out what broker and realtor to use.  However, if there is one group that benefits the most from buying homes, it is veterans.  

Jeff and Barbra met each other in the air force, serving together for years in the state of Oregon.  After falling in love and getting married, they decided on purchasing their first home!  However, being very uneducated about real estate, mortgage, or buying homes in general, they decided to go to a real estate agent!  This real estate agent showed them a gorgeous selection of homes in the North Portland area.  Luckily, a four bedroom house w

In an interview with The Real Estate books in the fall of 2012, Kerry Greenwald was asked this question, “What do you see happening in Clark County in the next five years?”

When it comes to purchasing home loans, the main question that many people have before initiating the process is, “How is my credit?”  Before mortgaging a loan, lenders need to be assured that they will receive an adequate return from their investment before financing a home.

When taking a look into your future, there are three main things that you and most other people imagine having in their lives: a family, a career, and a home.  While having a family and career is somewhat unpredictable, deciding where, when, and how to find a home is a challenge that everyone faces.  However, once this challenge is accepted, the big question that pops into the minds of these potential homeowners is, “To Buy? Or to Rent?”

Existing Home Sales Up 4.9% in May

In the greatest gain since October, the housing market posted a 4.9 percent increase in existing home sales. The May increase propelled us right into the Summer selling season and is fueling a lot of excitement for the improved buying and selling opportunities.

Stabilized Interest Rates

There are many ways to approach the process of selecting a lender for your home mortgage. Some people choose to make impulsive decisions, calling the first lender they find. Other people may be overly thorough by starting an application with several lenders during the buying process.

It all began with a bright outlook on life. Jason had a great job, a fast car, lovely furniture, and what seemed like the start to a happy future. Then the unexpected happen, and Jason’s happy life got filled with medical bills and sleepless nights.


Vancouver, WA – The owner of a local mortgage company now has a new hairdo. Kerry Greenwald is sporting an edgy purple Mohawk to help kids of military families.

 Kerry challenged his employees, friends, and family to raise $2000 for The Oregon Summer Star Program. The program teams up with Operation Purple to sponsor summer camps for kids with active duty military parents.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? I’m not here to argue with you because obviously it was the chicken, but that’s beside the point.