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Even though there has been millions of Veterans that have bought a home using their VA Benefits, there are still things that Veterans may not know about the VA Home Loan.  Hopefully this article will bring some light to the amazing product, the VA Home Loan.

1. They do not have mortgage insurance. 

Meet Lori Boyer! Our most recent hire.  We are super exicted to have her here.  She brings alot of experience from the Realtor, mortgage and finance world! Welcome Lori!

VA Loans are amazing! They allow people who have served our country to get into a home with zero down payment, no mortgage insurance, and low interest rates.  As VA Loan experts, Creekside Mortgage, located in Vancouver, WA, has devoted itself to understanding what is needed to make a VA Loan easy to obtain.  For any loan, there is the first step, collecting documentation!

Creekside Mortgage recently closed its 4000th VA Home Loan!

A couple week’s ago we went over the Don’ts while preparing for a mortgage.  This week I want to give you some Do’s that will make preparing for a mortgage that much easier.  The main objective to preparing is to make sure everything goes smoothly when you need to be approved.  So we have put together some DO’s that you can follow in order to make it easier to get approved when the time comes.